Double Batched Menu

10% of all proceeds will be donated to fight homelessness in Southwest Michigan

Create Your Own Cookie

Step 1: Choose a base


  • Chocolate Chip

  • Peanut Butter Cookie

  • Chocolate Cookie

  • Vanilla Cookie

  • Oatmeal Cookie

  • Brownie*

*Includes Milk Chocolate Chips unless otherwise requested​

Step 2: Choose Add In's


  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Chocolate Chunk

  • White Chocolate

  • Peanut Butter



  • Walnut

  • Pecan

  • Almond

  • Macadamia (+$.50)

  • Pistachios (+$.50)

  • Caramel Pieces

  • Peanut Butter Cups

  • Peanut Butter Pieces

  • Dried Cranberries

  • Dried Cherries

  • Raisins

Pricing for Create Your Own:

  • Base + 1 Add In - $24 per dozen

  • Base + 2 or More Add Ins - $28 per dozen

Specialty Creations


  • Neighbor Special - Peanut butter cookie base with milk chocolate chips and walnuts

  • Chipped and Nutty - Chocolate chip cookie base with semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, walnuts and pecans

  • The Jackson - Peanut butter cookie base with milk chocolate chips and peanut butter cups

  • Scooter's Choice - Chocolate cookie base with semi-sweet chocolate chips, caramel pieces and pecans

  • Sweet Roos - Oatmeal cookie base with dark chocolate chips, dried cherries and walnuts

  • YES! - Special chocolate chip cookie base with oatmeal, dried cranberries, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts and pecans

  • Black and White - Vanilla cookie base with semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts

  • V-Day - Heart-shaped almond, oatmeal, sugar cookie with pink icing

       Specialty Cookie Pricing: $28 per dozen

Brownies and Bars:

  • Carmel Brownie Goodness - Caramel sauce and semi-sweet chocolate chips sandwiched between two layers of brownie batter

  • No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars - Chocolate, peanut butter and oats... need we say more?

       Specialty Brownie & Bar Pricing: 

         8x8 inch pan - $15.00

         9x13 inch pan - $30.00


  • New York Style - This is the cheesecake to end all cheesecakes!  NY cheesecakes boast more cream cheese than traditional cheesecake making it  more dense, rich and creamy​ 

    • NY Style Includes choice of 1 Sauce or Topping Below:

    • Sauces - cherry, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate or caramel

    • Toppings - chopped Oreos, chopped peanut butter cups, milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips​​


              Additional NY Cheesecake Option:

  • Sauces and Toppings Bar (Choose 6 items from the list above for $20)

  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake - Luscious mix of creamy cheesecake, tart apples and smooth caramel sauce

  • S'mores Cheesecake - The campfire favorite made into a cheesecake

  • Oreo Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake loaded with crushed Oreos sitting on an Oreo crust, topped with thin layer of chocolate sauce and more Oreo cookie crumbs

  • Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake loaded with chopped peanut butter cups oh graham cracker crust, topped with a thin layer of chocolate sauce and more peanut butter cups

  • M&M Cheesecake - Creamy cheesecake loaded with chopped M&M's on graham cracker crust topped with a layer of chocolate sauce more M&M's 


      Cheesecake Pricing: $50 (Whole 9 Inch)


  • Carrot Cake - Sweet and moist spice cake full of fresh grated carrots, crushed pineapple and plump raisins covered in a velvety cream cheese frosting

  • German Chocolate Cake - Perfect mix of not too sweet, not too bitter layers of chocolate cake paired with the sweet crunch of the coconut pecan frosting

  • Red Velvet Cake - Light and fluffy cake with a mild chocolate flavor and dark red hue covered in velvety cream cheese frosting


     Cake Pricing: 

     9 inch, 2 layer - $45.00

     9 inch, 3 layer - $55.00


  • Apple

  • Apple and Cranberry

  • Blueberry

  • Blueberry and Peach

  • Cherry

  • Mixed Berry

  • Peach


     Crisp Pricing: 

     8x8 inch pan - $20.00

     13x9 inch pan - $35.00

10% of all Sales Go Directly to Fight Homelessness in Southwest Michigan!

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5. Repeat

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